About us

Eclipse is an independent publishing house based in London, specialising in a wide range of titles in the field of mind, body & spirit (MBS).

We are committed to publishing high-quality titles that are motivational, inspirational, empowering and transformational, aiming to help people create and develop positive changes in their lives.

As an independent publisher, we at Eclipse take great pride in the quality of what we publish, seeking new and unique ideas from our authors. We provide exclusive attention to our authors, with a personalised strategy for each title published. Our commitment is to give each publication every chance for success. With our passion in MBS and a dedicated and enthusiastic team, together with a personalised approach, we believe that Eclipse will forge a long-lasting relationship with our authors.

We are currently building our list of titles to be published. If you are an existing author looking for a more personalised service, or perhaps a first-time author looking for an experienced publisher, please see our submissions page for further details on how to submit your manuscript.

Tracey Dobby

Owner & publishing director

Tracey has over 24 years’ publishing experience, which commenced in 1994 at the Chartered Institute of Bankers (now the London Institute of Banking & Finance), where as circulation manager she was responsible for the production, publication and distribution of two banking journals.

Remaining in financial services, Tracey then spent 10 years as a director at Global Professional Publishing: a family publishing house of academic and trade titles in banking, business, finance and management books.

At this point, Tracey decided it was time to dedicate her work to her longstanding passion for MBS. She qualified as a nutritional consultant and set up a practice, where she supported many clients in achieving health, well-being and fulfilment.

Combining her extensive publishing experience and a 30-year passion in MBS, Tracey is now delighted to be publishing in this area on subjects to help people move forward in life; to Inform, Inspire, Influence our readers.

Eclipse Publishing & Media is a member of the Independent Publishers Guild