Submission guidelines for your manuscript

Thank you for considering Eclipse as the home for your submission and hopefully your book. We’re delighted that you share our passion for positive books in the field of mind, body and spirit.

What Eclipse is looking for from an author

  • A well-developed concept that will connect with readers.
  • Innovative material with a positive message for readers.
  • A strong platform through which to promote their work; for example, a significant email mailing list, blog, social media presence.

Questions to consider before submitting

  • How does your book fit in with the kind of books we publish?
  • What would make a reader choose your book over other titles published in this area?
  • How would a reader become aware of your book, and how could we work with you to promote the book?

What do I need to include?

  • A covering letter.
  • A synopsis summarising the book, plus a chapter breakdown.
  • The first three chapters of the manuscript. We will ask if we want to see more, as a decision will only be made on the finished manuscript.
  • An author biography, specifying why you have chosen to write your book. Any relevant experience, qualifications, teaching and media experience, as well as an assessment of your online and social media profile.
In your proposal it can be helpful, but not essential, to include the following:
  • Explain how your proposal differs from existing books on the market – what sets your book apart from your competitors.
  • List additional markets that your book could sell to, besides bookshops.
  • Explain how you would promote your book and whether or not you have media or corporate contacts that would help us to publicise and market your book.

Decision from Eclipse

Please ensure you retain a copy of your work. Prospective authors will be advised in writing when their proposal has been assessed, usually within 1 week from receipt of manuscript.

We prefer submissions to be sent via email. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also allows us to assess your work and reply to you in a more timely fashion.

Email your submission to:

Thank you!